Academic Conferences

Open to the public and without charge

Friday 30 November (Composition & Multimedia)

College of Music, Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater, room 1001

1:00 PM

Opening Remarks & Introductions
Dr. Joe Klein, Chair of the Department of Music Composition
Dr. David Bard-Schwarz, Professor of Music Theory 


Adaptive Sound Design in Video Games
MgA. Jan Kavan, Ph.D., Czech Republic

1:35 PM

Interactive Narrativity in Video Games
MgA. Lukáš Medek, Czech Republic

2:05 PM

Game Programming Research and Education at the Laboratory for Recreational Computing
Dr. Ian Parberry, Professor, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, and Director, UNT LARC

2:35 PM

Death Drive, Repetition, and the Mirror: Videogaming Freud
Dr. David Bard-Schwarz, Professor of Music Theory, University of North Texas

3:05 PM

The Sounds in the Machine: Metroid’s Cybernetic Soundscape 
Dr. William Gibbons, Associate Professor of Musicology and Associate Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Texas Christian University

3:35 PM

Found Ambiance: An Audio-Only ProcGen Game
Dr. Stephen Lucas, Lead Creative Programmer, UNT iARTA; Dr. Dan Tramte, Instructor of Creative Technologies in Music, Virginia Tech

4:05 PM

Discussion and Closing Remarks
Dr. David Schwarz

Saturday, 1 December (General Academic & Music)
College of Music, Recital Hall, room 301
8:30 AM

Assorted kolache, coffee, juice, iced tea, water

9:00 AM

Opening Remarks
Dr. Benjamin Brand, Chair of the Division of Music History, Theory, & Ethnomusicology

9:15 AM

The Events of 1918 and the Formation of Czechoslovakia
Dr. Jaroslav Miller, Professor History and Rector of Palacký University (Olomouc)

9:45 AM

Neither Flesh nor Fish nor Good Red Herring: The Hussites prior to 1620 and the Moravian Church in America
Dr. Thomas Sovík, Professor of Music Theory at the University of North Texas

The Formation of Czechoslovak Hussite Church after 1918
Farář Mgr. Jaroslav Křivánek, Pastor of the Hussite Church (Olomouc)

10:45 AM Fresh coffee, juice, iced tea, iced water
11:00 AM

Dvořák in America: Idealism vs. Futility in the Search for National Music
Mr. James Segars, Graduate Student at Western Illinois University

11:30 AM Meeting Schumann's Challenge: Dvořák's Piano Concerto
Dr. Alan Houtchens, Texas A & M University
12:00 P

Rendez-Vous of the Immortals?:  The Beneš-Schulhoff Collaboration in Nesmrtelní se setkávají (1928) and Flammen/Plameny (1932)
Dr. Brian Locke, Professor of Musicology at Western Illinois University

12:30 PM Closing Remarks
Dr. Thomas Sovík